get-involvedThere are many ways you can contribute to our mission. Here’s how:


Taking your internship with us. Your skills and time will be of a great help in our work while gaining an experience in development work. We typically host interns who need to complete an internship or similar placement as part of their degree. We strive to provide challenging and appropriate internships for students based on courses in communications, finance or community events and relations, and research.


Supporting our campaigns.  Please sign our petition to pass the Social Enterprise Bill.


Help spread our message.  If you can blog about social enterprises, our campaigns or FSSI, it will be a great help!  We also need you to help us reach as many people in social networking sites so they can hear about our work! Like us on Facebook and encourage your friends to the same too!


Donate to communities. You can raise the amount of grants available to social enterprises by donating to FSSI. In doing so,  you are enabling us to help more social enterprises grow their young ventures. To donate email


Work with us! If you want to use your talents to help poor communities create wealth in a manner that is friendly to the environment, then you will surely be a wonderful asset in our team. Find out if there are vacancies in our Foundation.