The Foundation for a Sustainable Society (FSSI) Logo represents our values and services as partners for communities and its enterprises to thrive and flourish.


Our commitment to the consistent use of our logo allows us to strengthen and distinguish ourselves from other organizations that offer similar services. This practice allows us to protect our organization’s identity from incorrect use that may dilute the FSSI brand or lessen our ability to prevent branding inconsistencies by others.


As the organization’s most visible representation, the logo maintains the wholeness of its identity and communications materials. Logo usage that extends beyond the organization’s collaterals, such as materials for partnerships or associations, must seek permission and approval from FSSI before use.


This logo guide presents the basic guidelines for proper and consistent use of the FSSI logo, which includes:

  • Logo’s and tagline’s rationale
  • Use of logo versions and layouts (accompanied with tagline)
  • Proper resizing
  • Common mistakes to avoid


This guide aims to strengthen the FSSI logo through internal cohesion, and enhance the organization’s brand to the public.